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  Kindergarten (2 - 4 yrs) Objectives
Gross and Fine Motor Skills
 Gross Motor Skills

The students will learn an practice to:

  • Throw a ball (overarm) and mantain solid balance
  • Kick a stationary ball (or rather walk into it?) and mantain balance
  • Jump from a low step with both feet together (or one foot leads still?)
  • Climb up and down low climbing structure, attempts higher climbing
  • Stand stand on one foot. Balance on left foot. Balance on right foot
  • Walk on tiptoes
  • Hop on the spot on one foot
  • Hop on a spot with two feet
  • Hop forward for a few hops
  • Alternates feet on stairs
  • Gallop
  • Jump in one place
 Fine Motor Skills

The students will learn and praactice to:

  • Control a variety of drawing implements (as pencils, crayons, brushes, etc.) using three finger grip
  • Accurately place pieces of jigsaw puzzles. Rotate pieces to match the space
  • Pour accurately from a light container, using both hands
  • Hold paper with one hand and cut with scissors with the other one
  • Paste papers or art work
  • Button and unbutton clothing without assistance
  • Manipulate zippers
  • Manipulate snaps
  • Thread beads or similar on string
  • Draw enclosed shapes in free artwork (eg. circle-like shapes)
  • Tear paper enthusiastically (eg. for mural or pasting art work)
  • Build using several blocks


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