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Thematic Learning Units
Nursery (0 - 2 yrs) Objectives
 Gross Motor
  • Throws a ball (over-arm), may lose balance.
  • Kicks a large stationary ball, may lose balance.
  • Runs safely: stopping, starting and avoiding obstacles (other children)
  • Jumps from ~10 cm to the ground and maintains balance, 1 foot leading
  • Jumps lifting both feet clear off of the ground
  • Walks backwards without falling
  • Walks up and down stairs, 2 feet to each stair (or alternate stairs going up?)
  • Climbs up and down low climbing frames/structures without assistance
  • Matches objects according to colour
  • Locates own locker with aid of identifying label
  • Returns toy to correct container/location
  • Correctly follows 2-step instructions (eg put the toy in the box and then go wash your hands
  • Imitates actions to a song/game
  • Accurately places simple "puzzle" pieces into isolated "holes"
  • Is willing to look for hidden objects
  • Demonstrates understanding of above, below, more, less etc.
  • Names familiar objects accurately
  • Enjoys listening to stories/songs
  • Repeat words/phrases of caregiver
  • Initiates (or spontaneously repeats parts of) songs
  • Uses verbal communication to make requests (eg 'more bread')
  • Uses multiple-word sentences (3-4 or more words; e.g. 'I go play (now)')
  • Enjoys looking through a book for several minutes
  • Is understood, most of the time, by adults and children
 Fine Motor
  • Turns a tap on or off without assistance
  • Turns pages of a book one at a time (or usually 2-3 pages at a time?)
  • Puts on own shoes (often wrong feet)
  • Holds pencil or crayon in "whole-hand" grip (or with a '3-finger grasp'?)
  • Usually draws or paints within papers' boundaries
  • Threads large beads on a stiff threader
  • Uses scissors with two hands (has difficulty with them)
  • Enjoys 'scribbling' regularly (daily)
 Social / Emotional
  • Engages in "parallel play" (i.e. plays near another child and engages in a similar activity to that child)
  • Initiates communication with caregiver/s
  • Initiates communication with peers
  • Shows discomfort when other children are distressed, may attempt to care for a distressed friend (e.g. brings a bear, toy etc)
  • Develops stronger bonds with certain peers: formation of friendships
  • Separates from parents/caregivers without tears or clinging (it is quite normal not to be able to do this at this age), or tears finish soon after carers' departure
  • Participates in most offered experiences, is 'busy'
  • Smiles and laughs often


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